Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yellow + Polka dots

On my day last day with Pedia, I had some drinks with my batchmates to celebrate the birthday of Rachelle and watched a movie with Joyce and Peter.

I was planning jeans with my newly bought top but all my jeans are so tight!!! The solution should not be to buy new pairs but to diet and exercise, yes? yes!
For now, wore a wide-legged thai pants :)

polka dots bra top from Uniqlo, brown Thai pants, flipflops from Ipanema, bag from Longchamp, rainbow earrings from Boracay, gold watch from mom

at Oarhouse

fail shot

Guess what I watched last night!!! Kimmy Dora! I didn't set the bar high for the movie. It was a typical Filipino comedy movie. When the movie, Joyce found me sleeping, wahaha! What does that say? >:) 

What I really liked about the movie is the very pretty house of the Go Dong Hae family and the bags of Kimmy! Haha!

hello shiny faces!

Pedia OVER

Sure it was hard but there is really a sense of fulfillment when dealing with Pediatric patients. It was a toxic 2 months but look, I still had time to go out and blog. :) It's all about maximizing your free time :) 

MU ER team

ER duty team

Celebrate with food!
Aristocrat pastries c/o my parents

treated residents for dinner

ice cream c/o Isabel and Bob

cupcakes c/o Bob

Block S

Pedia trackers

we're just glad it's over! woohoo!
Good job guys! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012


Sexy is an attitude

DIY Harry Potter fringed cropped top, stripes skirt from Forever21, thing sandals from Made U Look, JFK New York bag from Rootote, pearl earrings from Palawan, watch from DKNY

fell in love with Hojicha Tea Jelly Frap

I added Hojicha frap to my fave Starbucks drinks. 
Japanese tea+Roasted+Aromatic Refreshing+Hojicha+Earl Grey Jelly= Hojicha Tea Jelly Frap 

Red Bean Green Tea Frap

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Finally tried Holly's Coffee along Taft Avenue

gifted brown tank top, red skirt from bazaar, flipflops from Ipanema, shawl from Universal Studios SG, bag from Dorothy Perkins

I can study better in Holly's than in Starbucks because it's not crowded and it's quiet.

The place is a modern Korean cafe full of K-pop items and freebies such as candies and postcards. :)

no name-calling
electronic number disk which lightens up when your order is ready for pick-up

Joyce's White Chocolate
Monica's Belgian Chocochip Hollyccino

Cherishing every pre and post duty, trying and visiting new places. :)


Neutrals with hints of pink

top from Karl Edwards, pants from Terranova, bag from Dorothy Perkins, shoes from Melissa x Vivienne Westwood, watch from Technomarine, earrings from Bangkok

Dinner at the soft opening of Flipped at Green Court

Pomodoro with Fish Sticks

Chicken Salpicao

good food
affordable prices
cute guys
fashionable girls