Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A place I always hear about and a place where my boyfriend wanted to bring me since months ago. Oh yes, I told you, we are discovering QC so much and we are loving dining there.

so tempted to buy those Red Velvet Jars!!! 

voodoo dolls behind 

Xocolat Chicken Pasta
Cacao rubbed chicken strips tossed in a light cream sauce. Tgopped with chocolate shavings 

Bacon and Tomato Panini 

I ate chocolates with the one I love, I feel happy and in-love, is there such thing as Phenylephylamine overload?

vintage dress, bag from Longchamp

We will definitely go back to try their drinks and more desserts! XOXOCO!

Sweet Inspirations

Every one is tired after the graduation and I'm lazy to go to Eastwood for dinner (our initial plan). I told my family that I wanted to try a restaurant which looks okay along Katipunan. It would also be easier for us if we eat there because my family will go home in the south and Rudden will bring me back to Fairview for next day's review.  

I like the interiors. Food is worth-it and they have lots of desserts!

And I promise to have thinspirations on May26. Mark my word! :) Haha!

UP College of Medicine Graduation

I am one step away from being a full fledged physician. :)

Marjo dress from Religioso by sisters Yvette Religioso-Iligan and Choc Religioso-Dayrit
bag from Gucci and heels from Syrup LA 

It took me a while to choose dresses for my two graduations. When I saw this dress at Religioso, I know this is it. Fashion is truly their religion, as is mine.
Link to our college graduation

At UP Theater, Diliman

The Graduation Committee 

Mu sisses 2013 (incomplete) 

Block S (incomplete) 

Congratulations to UP Medicine Class 2013! :)
Congratulations to the new doctors and your families! Cheers!