Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mu Rock2

check Mu Rock 2010

ferocious much? leopard-sole sandals, leopard dress (plus my wallet-not in picture)

by Joyce Tan

by Joyce Tan

 UPCM 2016 + Brod Mau, haha!

sweet buddies! IMY Emy!

 leopard dress from What A Girl Wants, leopard-sole white flats from Forever 21, bucket bag from Ichigo, multilayered necklace from Forever21, watch from Philip Stein, sunglasses from Forever21

Just the other day I posted in my facebook that "If there one thing I learned in fashion, it's that there's no right or wrong. Fashion is art. :D" So I wore my neon sunglasses during the Mu Rock party,haha! I just feel like making a statement. :p So guys, I don't have sore eyes nor am I in any form of drugs, ok? haha!

Nothing rocks like Mu! All for the Glory! ♥

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maximizing the rain

Despite the heavy rain, we headed to Asian Hospital and Medical Center for my brother's check-up with my Sis Malen who is a dermatologist. I just feel like dressing up for the weather so...

 plain white shirt from Tex, knitted cardigan from Pointelle, denim skirt, Tokyo Rain rainboots from Plueys, bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

 Dra. Villacorta: Wow, mommy! Sayo pala mana si Monica kasi she's always stylish in school. 
*wow!!!haha!!!oo nga naman,we just went to the hospital and we're wearing these*

my mom playing Angry Birds

my brother playing Moon Chaser
while im taking pics using my Tab, haha!

its kinda hard to drive in boots
this calls for a Tod's Moccasins!!!

freshly-baked lemon bars by my aunts

Enjoy the weather! :D

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain and Rebond

Yesterday (Thursday), I was on my way to the hotel to meet mom so we can go home together. Unfortunately, I got stuck in Quirino for almost an hour so I asked the cab to just bring me back to my apt, I paid 220php. Darn! According to the news, the typhoon Falcon became stronger since a low-pressure area added to it. I spent the night in my apt but I left home early today because I have an appointment at the parlor.

I was still hesitating to go home since there is a possibility that the typhoon will be a super typhoon within 12 hours. But I took the risk and went home in Laguna. I just wore a complete rainy season outfit, haha! Photo op before leaving my apartment...

When I got home, I ate, took a nap then went straight to the salon to get my hair done! FINALLY!!!

sadako vibes! my hair is so thick! 2 hair dressers needed!!!

being a good medical student, my rebond companion

hello soft hair, we meet again!

So I spent the holiday-Manila Day at the salon. Now that the shoe bazaar is postponed, I think I should stay put at home because of the continuous rain. I shall study!!! Haha!!!

Thanks mom for persuading me to get my hair done and for paying for it! Haha! I should start taking care of my hair as much as you do to yours! Hugs!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artsy Femme

I'm so thrilled to go home this weekend since I still have no internet in my new apartment! I can't read blogs, check mail, update my facebook and post in my blog. So yehey for the long weekend! im not yet a clerk! haha!

Today, my outfit started from the H&M turband that my buddy got me from her Canada trip. Thanks again Buddy, I super love it! You're right, it's so me.I paired with a recently bought sunglasses. See my hair, I'm thinking if I should get my usual rebond or try getting curls but I already have thick fluffy wavy hair, so hmmm...I must admit that my hair is not my priority, oh the poor crowning glory that is. :/

Mom attended a Taking charge workshop at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High so my brother and I shopped and watched Super 8 at Market Market. It was our first time to watch there and the theater is good! I forgot that it is an Ayala Mall! haha! We chose Super 8 over Green Lantern which has bad reviews so I don't want to take the risk, haha!

top from Old Navy, stripes shorts from Forever21, booties from Karl Edwards, bag from Jimmy Choo, turband from H&M, seafoam sunglasses from Forever21

Super 8 is something new! It's unpredictable! (plus, I kinda screamed on some shocking scenes, haha! After a long time, I had a chance to stroll around the fashion market and it's so good to have cheap finds! We also strolled around Boni High while waiting for mom. Then we grabbed quick dinner at Hap Chan before heading back to the hotel coz mom left hers at her office yesterday.

2 consecutive long weekends for me!!! Weee!!!
Excited for the shoe bazaar next weekend! I hope I win the lottery!!! Hahaha!!! I'll surely be drooling on fab shoesssss!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Independence Day and Anniversary

Post on June 12, 2010

Click the link above to check my post from last year

Today is the 113th independence day of the Philippines and the 24th wedding anniversary of my parents. This also means that Havaianas will release their Filipinas Limited Edition Collection. Thanks to my best bud, Jared, for getting me my Mindanao pair. Though I have around 5 pairs of different shades of blue, I got it to pay tribute to my summer experience in Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Camiguin and Siargao.

For lunch today, we went to Greenbelt 5 and tried Krazy Garlik.

coz I feel like wearing something ironic and striking

romper from bazaar, scarf from a boutique in Universal Studios Singapore, stockings from Singapore, limited edition Michael Kors ♥ Manila, Reva flats from Tory Burch, watch from Technomarine

Happy Anniversary Parents! I love you both so much!
Papa, how's London?

Garlic and Anchovy Affection

Chorizo Fried Rice

Mushroom Matsuri

Korean Style Garlic Sesame Beef

Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry


bro's Hazelnut and Mango Tango

my Macadamia&Caramel and Mango&Blueberry

mom's Real Chocolate and Mango&Passion Fruit

Are my happy days over??? Tomorrow my medical clerkship will start, which means 24 hours duties, papers, census, etc. OH MY!!! I wish I'll still have a social life. I wish I'll still have time to blog or have something to blog! Haha!

Wish me and the rest of Philippine General Hospital's clerks a good luck!

To my parents, Happy 24th anniversary again! Spread the love! Thanks for everything! I am truly grateful to have loving, generous and supporting parents! I love you so much!
To the Philippines, let's work for the betterment of our country! Happy Independence Day!