Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday night

and I'm in my apartment! Surprise! good girl!

This afternoon,I suddenly realized that I forgot to get Reinzi's Christmas presents to me which she placed in my transbox since early this month. When I opened it, more presents!!!

chocolates from Canada from Jade

brooch/hair clip from H&M from Reinzi

my fave coffee from Singapore from Reinzi

shoe bag from Monette

Stayed at the hut for some time, I totally miss just chilling there with sisses!
Had dinner at Brooklyn and Sundae at McDo
Went back to the hut to chill
Went to Victoria de Manila study

top from bazaar, pants from Terranova, Havaianas, LongChamp Le Pliage, rings from bazaars, watch from DKNY, earrings from Euphoria

After next week, my rotations will be:
Ophthalmology-my second consideration after Internal Medicine, exciting!
Otorhinolaryngology-I expect to see my "ex" always
Orthopedic-can't wait to see and assist him,haha!
Rehabilitation Medicine-I should probably bring my car and go home south everyday!

Then summer!Lets diet and exercise,puhlease body!Cooperate!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Through the years

Because you are one of my best friends :*Happy birthday love! :)

at Bellagio Square

round face,acckkkk!!!

at Mr. Choi

at Oarhouse Pub of Manila

Happy birthday Joyce!
You know I love you! :*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


pertaining to the nude shades of my homey attire (*o*)

top from Anne Klein, shorts from Forever21, bag from Liz Claiborne, watch from DKNY

stroll, shop, steak. simple. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai

Was invited by some friends to have dinner and drinks before the NY.
Went home before midnight to celebrate with the family.
Yes yes, my grandmother (King family) is Chinese. :)

Spinach lasagna

Potato croquettes 

Beef salpicao

Boquerones en vinagre 

Fortune cake


i just need to include this,haha!

This year is my year, I'm a dragon baby!
May we all be prosperous! I'm so excited! Bring it on! I can feel that this is my year! :)))
Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! :)

Black out

Right after my last duty in Internal Medicine, I went to The Fort to detox before going home for Chinese New Year.

That day, I don't feel like wearing any of my new dresses coz my saving them for special occasions and dates,yehesss! So I just grabbed my rescue shorts and realized that I have only a few tops left in my apartment that's why I went all black,haha! Good thing I have this shoes and saw this necklace so the accidental motif is black and green. 

another post-duty shot

top from Cignal, silk shorts from bazaar, shoes from Blue by Alfredo Bannister, bucket bag from Ichigo, foxtail from United Bloggers bazaar, watch from DKNY, necklace from Island souvenirs, sunglasses from Forever21

We walked all the way to Market! Market! to buy 13 kinds of fruits for CNY before we had lunch at The Stock Market.

clam chowder

spaghetti vongole

chicken teriyaki

Food is good,well,it should be! It's kinda pricey,haha! I love the bottomless lemonade which for me has a tinge of alcohol,haha! addicting!

dress from Korea, bag from Michael Kors, shoes from Melissa, sunglasses from Givenchy, gifted necklace, South Sea pearls from my dad, watch from Rado, Feng shui lucky charms

I definitely miss the luxury of going out every weekend, oh the sacrifices of being a doctor. Lets just cherish every opportunity to spend time with the family. I'm so blessed to have such a loving one! :)