Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thank you!

Again, thanks to everyone!

My grandmother's sisters treated me out for dinner last night at their favorite, Kanin Club. May be a factor why they love to eat there is that they are friends with the owner who is also the owner of Cafe Breton. :)

sinigang na salmon

bagoong fried rice

pancit lug-log
crispy dinuguan

crispy pata

ginataang sigarilyas

Tita Alice, Tita Ading, Uncle Junie, Daddy, Cousin Ina, me and Andre

first cake with a "Dr"

in the dark, haha!

And i thought i can get back to my preBoards weight after the board review, akala ko lang pala, haha! Thanks to my sponsors, woohoo!


After 9 days of waiting, the results are out!
FINALLY, I am a licensed doctor!
Congratulations to UPCM 2013!
All in, 2013!
Dos Mil Trese, Lahat Posible!

Thank you so much for all those who prayed and believed in us!
Thank you for all the greetings!

So Rudden, Andre and I went straight to PF Chang's for dinner. It was late because I have to receive calls from Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, haha! Wow! Thanks really to all those who called just to greet me. :)

my boyfriend gets the pretty stolen shots

"matrix" dress by me, sandals from Forever21, bag from Longchamp, gifted necklace from India, vintage Seiko watch

Both Rudden and I are currently parentless. My dad is in Alaska, my mom is shopping in Europe and Rudden's family is in Australia so I'm so happy I was with my brother and boyfriend that night to celebrate. 

egg noodle soup

pork dumplings

honey chicken

shrimp in lobster sauce

Thank you to the Montecillo family in Australia for sponsoring our dinner!


not wax...
it's keratin therapy!

So so so, I finally decided to chop my hair-off! I'm not fond of cutting my hair or getting hair treatments aside from rebonding my thick wavy hair. I just tried this fad and I think it looks great on me only when I have my hair blowdried. :) haha! But in fairness, my hair is shinier and tamer :)

The boys craved for Okonomiyaki so we visited our fave lil Japanese neighborhood resto. :)

with make up on! woops!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ramen Night

Saturday night: Rudden and I attended anticipated mass at St. Jerome Emiliani in Alabang after we had his phone checked at the service center in Madrigal. We came in just on time so it was hard to find a parking space. Luckily, we saw a spot where we can see the priest and the altar so we just stayed in the car since we just double-parked.

We then went to ATC to have Ramen for dinner and we also bought two giant cork boards which I used as a giant photo wall in my room. 

brazilian eh?

fried gyoza

a big bowl of Yoshi's Ramen

Oh we missed going to the mall together. :)

This is the giant photo wall which my brother installed in my room. Obviously, I just don't like taking pictures, I also like printing them and collecting photo booth print-outs. Isn't this the ultimate collage? I still left space for upcoming photos. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

The princess in me

Sometimes, we just want to indulge...yeah, just from time to time. Before mom leaves this weekend for her yearly Europe trip, we had dinner at Prince Albert Rotisserie in Intercontinental Hotel, Makati.

We had buffet two years ago at Jeepney, Intercontinental for my birthday click here

 Peach Sorbet to cleanse the palate before devouring the steak

The service is bad. Although the place is jam-packed on a Friday night, it's very disappointing that we have to call a waiter to tell how we want our steak done and we had to wait for more than an hour for the steak to be served.

Yorkshire pudding, baked Idaho potato and the steak

Good thing, the steak is very good! We all had one steak each and it was too much for one person, haha! However, I won't say that it is worth the wait because waiting for more than one hour is totally not ok. :p

One of the best Prime Rib steaks in Manila  

dress from Forever21, sandals from Syrup LA, necklace from mom, bag from Louis Vuitton, vintage watch from Seiko

other good steakhouses