Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh the wonders of Facebook!
I met with one of my closest friends in grade school. We haven't seen each other for 10 years!!! Haha! We went to a local bar, iHawOne, which is my favorite place here in our subdivision. :D

Precious and me

grabbed photo from Precious (just because the Billionaire in car sign is so cute)

This was Friday night
And we drank again on Saturday night,haha!

In their shoes

Went to the batch project of our applicants. When you buy a ticket, you get a pair which you can paint/design and another pair which goes straight to their beneficiary, Ugnayan ng Pahinungod Street Children Program. Another beneficiary is the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics. 

I bought a ticket and I just gave the shoes to my brother. He doesn't want me to paint his pair so during the event I was just watching my sisses paint their shoes, haha! All of them are creative! Super enjoy!

opening remarks by my batchmate Nikki, super galing! so proud!
in my shoes,haha!
Old Navy tube top, Rain multiway wrap, Sfera Spain shoes, Forever21 sunglasses, bazaar bag
batchmates, in the zone

Congratulations 2015! :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello Summer! ♥

It's February 24 and I already got a copy of Metro magazine's March issue=Summer Fashion Issue. Executive Editor Michealle Torres wrote "I personally revel under the summer sun. I am an island girl at heart, and when March rolls around, I know that the time for lounging on the beach while reading a book and sipping a piƱa colada is finally here. Summer starts now!" This is so Monica!

After our JolliSISzle, we headed to Oarhouse. A relatively new bar in Malate which is becoming a favorite hangout place of medical students. 

reggae band +

smokes +

pitchers of Strawberry Daiquiri
=Boracay vibes (only that I am not in a bikini)

Yesterday, an exhibit opened at the bar entitled "Cool Men" which features 12 paintographs of men who made a significant impression in the music world. They are the UV light reactive paintings of Edd Aragon. Sorry I can't identify all musicians so I'd rather not place captions on them,haha!

Oarhouse reminds me of bars/cafes in Baguio such as Oh my gulay! and Kaffeeklatsch.
It's so cold in Manila but I can already feel summer fast approaching. Thoughts of beaches and Baguio excites me!!! But before that, birthday! soon... ♥

Enjoy the long weekend! :D

Kids at heart

For February SISzle, we had something new. We had dinner party at Jollibee!!! Haha! I thought it will be boring but we totally had fun! I even joined a game and my team won. I got a ruler with maze and a boomerang! Haha! 

my comfy playwear: polo from George, DIY Mudd denim cut-off shorts, TOMS shoes, Liz Claiborne bag

iPhone photos by Joyce Tan

FUN! AFTG! Excited for next month's SISzle! :D