Sunday, October 31, 2010

no fashion show

I was lazy to get up from bed Sunday morning because I went home late from the Casino. Plus, I'm so tinatamad to travel to Manila for the Philippine Fashion Week. Too bad, I missed the shows I was in the guestlist pa naman. =( I was thinking it might be traffic esp going back to Laguna. So, we just headed to Alabang. watched a movie, strolled, had dinner. =)

I was reading YES! mag while waiting for our food. Can I just say, I was amazed to see some celebrities I didn't notice before making it to the top 10 showbiz fashionistas! But of course, I'm glad to see Gretchen and Anne. But why not Ruffa?

coral tank top from Forever21, skirt from Mudd Jeans, red jumbo hobo bag from Mango, watch from Marks&Spencer, necklace gifted
My photographer forgot to take a whole body picture of me, haha!
Since we are just 2, we had to bring home the food. I had Okinawa Serenitea after the movie. I think Zentea is cheaper and way better. I shall try the others next time. For now, Caramia addiction. =D

I'm excited this coming two weeks as I'll be allowed to wear casual clothes for my TradMed classes. Yay! Cheers to high-low fashion. =D


After medical mission in Taguig, I went straight home in Laguna to catch the last minutes of the trick or treat. All my cousins went around the village to get some goodies, I heard some gave away nachos, french fries, ice scramble and one even had a caterer. Haha!

Before leaving for the casino, my brother arrived. It's the first time I saw his new hairstyle, haha!

 top from Freeway, jazz pants from Monalisa, shoes from Tonic, watch from Marks&Spencer, bag from Jimmy Choo

I was so addicted playing a newly discovered slot machine. Haha! Win win win!!!=D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweet disposition

Buffalo wings

Pasta Vongole

I invited Emy to sleep with me in the hotel. 

Things we did:
dinner and lots of catching ups at Apartment1B
tour around the hotel
dessert and coffee in the suite
planning for our christmas event

Devil's food cake from Cravings

planning for Christmas event, exciting!!!

sleeping time

To my avid followers, you know who you are. Thanks for checking my site everyday. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm a medical student, I don't get to wear what I want everyday. Anyway, thank you! BE stylish. =D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Part3: Exuberance

Saturday summary: Paseo de Magallanes, Resorts World, Duty Free and S&R

I wore my Rustans heels at Resorts World, changed to Blanco boots for Duty Free because I want to walk comfortably while shopping then finally changed to my Havaianas for grocery, haha! I don't usually do this, hehe!

kimono dress, mom's Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, Havaianas

 Yesterday is my first time to take pictures at S&R. I just brought my camera for an outfit post but I ended taking pictures of some interesting items I saw

one day I'll have my own Roxy surfboard


giant gourds cost: almost 5,000php

It was really a long day...We had to call masseuses for home service massage. Haha!

  • joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic
  • unrestrained and elaborate especially in style; flamboyant
  • produced in extreme abundance; plentiful
  • a perfect word to describe my weekend!

Part2: Exuberance

Whenever Papa arrives, we don't go to Duty Free as we go to S&R always which is more or less similar in price for grocery items. But I requested Papa to bring us this time coz I wanted to check out a few stuff (bags, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics). Haha!

cocktail chocolates!



very few colors

Bally on sale!!!

Salvatore, my friend

kimono dress, Blanco boots, Fendi clutch

malayo pa ko, I shall have this complete Chanel collection, seriously

Papa, thank u so much for all the Hermes stuff!

after the fashion and make up walk

same price, I thought cheaper, blah!

Super enjoy!haha!
There are very few who go shopping to Duty Free na. Probably because a lot of groceries such as S&R sell items as cheap as the ones in Duty Free. However for shoes, bags, cosmetics, waaahhh!!! winner sa duty free! Hihihi!

Thank u so much family! I love you all!
Cheers to love and happiness!