Saturday, March 30, 2013

Does it take a Man and a Woman?

Had lunch with the family and Rudden at home
I also acupunctured my honey, hahaha!

Went to Alabang to catch "It takes a man and a woman". Was about to watch the 2:30 show but the queue is so long and we heard that it is standing room already, boo! We just bought the 4:20 show and went on queue around 3:30, guess what, the line is relatively long already! Crazy!!!

in the interim
my brother's Oreo Blizzard
my cheesecake Oreo-boo! It's like McFlurry with a few cheesecake bits, not worth-it

SO so so, some parts of the movie made me cry. haha! Although I wasn't able to watch the 2nd movie, I was still able to understand most parts. It is a feel-good/light movie but some parts are subtly heart-piercing! haha!

P.S. People were so crazy inside the movie house, they were screaming and commenting on many parts, ack! Ok, may be just die-hard fans! :)

Dinner at Racks

garlic shrimp scampi pasta 

full slab of baby back ribs, baby! 

clam chowder

Bebe ko?haha! my chow-chow brother!

I'm so enjoying my holy week vacation! wee! :)


Drove to PGH to do chart rounds and I only have 1 patient!!! So I went home after 15minutes in the hospital, boo! Gas and tollgate wasted, haha! When I arrived home, I visited our neighbor who has ca. They gave me veggies for lunch, yay! I love it! Thank you!

Rudden had lunch with our family. Mom cooked garlic buttered shrimps and we ate the veggies from our neighbor. We then fetched my boyfriend's family before heading to his grandparents' place in Batangas where we stayed for a while.

my boyfriend's Quiksilver cap, safari sunglasses from Italy and rainbow colored top 

I went with Rudden's family to St. Benedict Church in Sta. Rosa to attend a special mass/rite for Holy Friday. *totally forgot to take pics* don't worry, I didn't wear the colorful outfit above besides I was wearing shorts. I wore a blue top from Forever21, a bohemian skirt from Bangkok and necklace from Bangkok.

cooked breakfast for his family :)

Holy Wed, Fri and Sat with you! I love you honeybunch!

I always thank God for giving me a boyfriend who loves me so much and who is my ideal man. I am also thankful for his family who accepted me and who loves me as if I am already part of the family. 

I am truly grateful that I get to spend the Holy Week with my family and my boyfriend's family. Thank you Lord for all the blessings!

Holy Restaurant

The miters of the 3 bishops being processed for possible beatification have an esteemed place at the Ristorante delle Mitre, a cozy restaurant tucked in Calle Real del Palacio (now General Luna Street), right across the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. It prides in food named after the bishops themselves, dedicated to bishops and their flock. 

La Mitra is Italian for "miter" or bishop's hat, the symbol around which the venue and the food revolves.

Evelyn Go says the idea for the restaurant started out as a concept for a coffee shop, inspired by Italian coffee shops over a simple conversation among Filipino bishops in Rome, upon the invitation of a Filipino Jesuit priest a few years ago. Bishop John Du wished the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines back home could enjoy a similar venue back home.

After a couple of years, Bishop Du asked Mrs. Go if she could help put up a restaurant to provide the needs of the CBCP. Offices of the media, inter-religious groups and priests were moved to the upper floor to pave the way for this restaurant.
Today, delle Mitre, which bears the look and feel of a holy place, bustles with culinary activity.

"The place, the ambiance, the things you see and the decor para kang nasa sa simbahan. "Lahat ng makikita mo very historical."

The emblems of the Archdiocese of Manila, Cebu and Zamboanga are strategically hung above the restaurant's walls, along with Jesuit, Agustinian, and Franciscan congregations. 

After our fourth church during our Visita Iglesia, I saw this restaurant which I heard about and insisted on eating there.

The place is indeed cozy and has a lot of interesting Catholic stuff as decors. The food is good and I just read that the nun who heads the kitchen is Sister Vangie, who cooked for Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu. I should have asked her for a picture but I'm too shy. Hehe!

kinamatisang tahong 


hot and sour soup 

escabecheng lapu-lapu 

I've been craving for cheesecakes!!! They have a lot of flavors (blueberry, kiwi, orange, lime, more)
kiwi cheesecake 

blueberry cheesecake

I totally recommend this place whenever you are in Intramuros. The place is cozy and the menu is very interesting as dishes are named after church officials. :)

I'll definitely come back and eat more desserts! wee! More so, I'll have more time to visit and pray at Manila Cathedral and San Agustin when it is not as crowded as the Holy Week.

Hope you had time to pause, pray, reflect and relax this week. :)

Visita Iglesia 2013

click for last year's visita iglesia
2011: we were in Singapore
2010's Visita Iglesia

From my rounds, the family picked me up for our annual Visita Iglesia for the Holy Week.
Since we are already in Manila, we visited Manila churches. :)

where my parents got married

first time 

I super love the details!

first time

where I always drop by before Chinese food trip 

at the other end of Ongpin

the pretty church along SLEX