Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good distractions

The boyfriend requested that I cook lunch for him since he hasn't tried my infamous chopsuey yet, haha!

I glad he liked it!
Below is my partner paper weight which was gifted to me by my aunt. If i remember correctly, it came from papelmeroti. It's actual a stand for a mini-notepad but I think it's more useful as paper weight when studying. :)

Tried my mom's Juju cleanse juice before but I didn't like the taste, but she brought home Nutmilk vanilla and its so good!

Online shopping is something I do in-between breaks, which honestly takes more than the allotted time for my break, hoho!

My mom loves buying from taste central and I love the packaging. 
I just love scanning deal sites like deal grocer, etc but I've never personally tried buying from there. I just let mom if I want something, haha!

What are your good distractions? :)