Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm alive!!!

Hey, hey, hey readers! I'm alive and kicking!
It has been exactly a month since I last posted an entry.
Yes, I was busy with hospital work and it's my first month in Residency so I had to adjust.
Along with the toxicity, I was going home to Laguna for almost the whole month so I am dead tired when I get home. Now, I live in the Fort where I can walk going to the hospital. :)

For this year, expect less of outfit posts and expect more of food posts especially that I live in a food haven. I'm starting to try food places in the neighborhood already. :)

Thank you to the thousands who continue to check on my blog despite not updating it for a month and I appreciate those who were looking for posts despite them being more of random musing, haha!

For my first weekend off, Rudden and I had lunch at Red Kimono. Ok this is not a new restaurant but I was just craving for Red Scorpion Maki Roll. :)))

Red Scorpion Maki Roll, Sukiyaki, Mixed Kamameshi

On another post-duty date, we tried Luna Coffee which is owned by Lino Cayetano. This place in NAC Tower is walking distance from the hospital. Well, all places around the Fort is reachable by feet, hehe! :)

White Rabbit Candyccino

Sago Gulaman and
Pecan Pili Pie A La Mode

Corned Beef Tapa

Pecan Pili Pie A La Mode

after presenting the 2014 Hypertension Guidelines
on a post-duty day

dress from Dorothy Perkins

Happy Tummies for a Happy New Year!