Sunday, October 6, 2013

I need a life

I need a life outside the hospital.
I have to take some time off from work and unwind from time to time.

This afternoon, I watched Gravity with my family. It was a nice movie and it tells you that God has plans for you and no matter how many obstacles you take, if it is destined for you then it will be for you.

I wish I can take outfit posts of what I wear in the hospital lately but I don't want to jinx it. :p
For now, I'll wear clothes which I can't wear in the hospital.

I love that we are required to wear dresses because I love dresses, totally! Had they required us to wear pants, I'll die and have to do extra extra shopping!

dress from Forever21, silver shoes from Corso Como, bag from Coach, watch from Kate Spade, sunglasses from Forever21
Bought tumblers, scented candles, magazines and shoessss

buy1 take1 tumblers

 Early dinner at Kenji Tei, Alabang
Salmon Sashimi

Crunchy Kani and Spicy Maguro Maki

Gomoku Shio Ramen

I think I can read my October magazines on November already, better if on board the plane :p Still no MEGA yet.

I love to do everything in my bed. I wake up, pray the rosary, watch tv, eat breakfast, study, sleep, study, sleep and sleep in my bed. 

Raise you hands fellow clinomaniacs! woohoo!!! 
Joke! I seriously have to stop excessive sleeping or slacking off, study please, study!

Have a productive week guys! XOXO