Friday, May 4, 2012

Intern Reyes signing in

This is it! Internship officially started.
Wearing the white coat makes me giggle, i really feel like a doctor now!

On my first day, I don't know how to bring all my things given that I'm going to be a reliever at the Pedia ER that night. I should have:
  1. water since there are still no 24/7 stores inside the hospital
  2. different sizes of BP cuffs
  3. diagnostic set just in case I get ophtha, ORL, neuro cases at the OPD
  4. carabiner
  5. personal stash for procedures
  6. extra clothes
  7. readings and references
  8. personal stuff
I bought a satchel months ago but when I got it, I find it too big so I never got to use it. But now, it's the perfect bag to use for all my medical stuff. So I'll probably be bring my satchel when all my things can't fit in my bag.

Longchamp Bugs Badges in Bilberry
water bottle, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung GU 800, tissue, Pedia Black book, carabiner
(inside my bag organizer) hair serum, hand sanitizer, Guerlain highlighter/concealer, Model Co lipstick-gloss duo, MAC lipstick-gloss duo, Rescue in a Bottle, Audrey Hepburn cigarette case, notepad, pens and highlighter, Energizer penlight, Tory Burch wallet, Maybelline foundation, Benefit Bella bumba blush-on, Eos lipbalm, Strepsils and Halls pocket candies, lanyard with ID, ER swipey and trodat, pulse oximeter, camera, Denman orange-scented hairbrush, fan and toothbrush

purple suede satchel
file case, clipboard, Pedia envelope, 2 bags of BP cuffs, stash bag, diagnostic bag, scrub top, Pocket Pedia book, stethoscope

blue-gold silk top from Greenhills, white corduroy pants from Terranova, brown flats from Tonic, watch from mom, gold earrings from J

first day high!

OPD is fun! You'll see varied interesting cases and yes, I get a high seeing and interacting with patients that's why I leaning towards the medical rather than the surgical field. Plus, it's freaking cold there-maximize the times when you can comfortably wear that white coat. :)

I went on my dreaded Cancer Institute duty that night and it wasn't bad. It wasn't scary, yay! But I should always bring an insect repellant since I'm allergic to them and those at the Cancer Institute are like mutants who have been sucking chemotherapeutic drugs, rawr!

Pedia ER, as usual, it was toxic. It's such a hassle to be using different sizes of cuffs and sometimes, you don't have the perfect size for a particular kid, boo! I prefer to wear scrubs than a regular top because you can put a lot of things on those two pockets, haha! 

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect duty shoes. :)