Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MYOH Private Event

I'm extremely happy when I received an invite for the Private Event of this year's Make Your Own Havaianas. I'm lucky that I'm post-duty so I confirmed attendance right away! :)

I think this is my 5th MYOH and I commend the organizers for a job well done!

I'm privileged to be invited at the Private Event with fellow Havaianaticos especially that I don't need to queue for such a long time (unlike the past years) :)

Registration area is at the grounds outside the Rockwell tent where you can start choosing the pins and colors of soles and straps. Assembly area is inside the tent where there are wheels also so I suggest you go straight inside because it's airconditioned. Cashiers are located at the extension of the tent. I'm glad they maximized the area.

Pins (Php 50-150)
 For every purchase of one MYOH pair with one or more Happiness pins, Php 100 will be donated to Operation Smile Philippines

Slim (Php 945)
White Slim Estampas (Php 995)

Top Set A (Php 895)
Brown Top Estampas (Php 995)

Top Set B (Php 895)

Fit (Php 995)

I had a hard time choosing. All I want is a pair of Estampas (Php 995) and another slim or fit. It's so hard to choose when u have almost all the colors because you have more than 50 pairs of Havaianas. Well, I don't buy as much as I used to anymore. I just buy the limited editions like the anniversary or Philippine Independence day specials and from the Make Your Own. Anyway, there are a lot of cute combinations as you spin the wheel! Argh! It was really hard choosing but I need to limit my purchase, haha!

sheer and tasseled poncho from Willow Clothing at The Ramp Crossings, chambay shorts from Forever21, sandals from Forever21, sunglasses from Forever21, watch from DKNY, bucket bag from Ichigo, earrings from Korea, rings from bazaar

Thanks Gab and Keena for assembling my pairs!

Thanks buddy for accompanying me!

 ice violet sole and lemon green strap

pins: Aviator, m, Brasilipinas

brownn Estampas soles and citrus yellow strap

 pins: 1962, m, Brasilipinas

Jared's pair: marine blue sole and ruby red strap

pins on right: Happiness and Brasilipinas

pins on left: Aviator and 1962

The event will run for more days than the past years and the venue is bigger since they used the grounds around the tent. The Private Event made everything easier and faster so thanks to Team Havaianas again! :)

Public Run starts tomorrow May 10-14. Hurry up! They run out of sizes per color at the latter days. :) Customize your own now! :)