Monday, August 6, 2012


Today was a relief as we're done with 2 reports which I was fixing over the weekend. 
Also, the whole block visited Panic, please pray for her. IMY B! :)))

Went to Rob and while waiting for the buffet at Chef d' Angelo, it was my first time to see the Outlet Store of several brands and I went crazy!!! SHIT! Was in the community for a month and on my Mondates I never got to visit the Faura side of Rob so I died! Haha! Crazy sale!!! Bought a few tops, skirts and dresses. Did not buy shoes because I have several new pairs but I'll still check before our upcoming party, VIBE.

thanks Judee for the treat!
Belated Happy Birthday!

my necklace is definitely a conversation piece ♥
and during the reports it's like "hey listen to me" :)
snake-printed top from Gina Benotti, gold necklace from Italy, pants from Terranova, bag from Mango, gold watch from mom, gold earrings from ex

 loving the necklaces

snake vs leopard

Was so sleepy before the movie so while waiting for Joyce, Topher treated me with a Happy Lemon drink

coffee rock salt and cheese vs cocoa rock salt and cheese

Joyce and I watched StepUp Revolution and we went gaga over Ryan Guzman. We always go gaga over hot lead actors of whatever movie we watch, haha! But more importantly, this movie made me miss dancing esp ballet because of the jellyfish scene and Emily's contemporary dancing.

The beach parties also inspired me to seriously start exercising again. I should not use work as an excuse for not exercising. I want a dashboard abs! haha! I want to be slim because now is my fattest in my life, fffaaarrrrttt!!! Think: BEACH soon!

August glossies

Happily spent the day with friends! :)
And hopes to spend the night with him :p

Good night girls! :)