Sunday, September 16, 2012


When you are asked to be the date on a fraternity's induction ball, you just want to look your best. But aside from that, think of your attire when you meet his family and he meets yours.

dress from Chloe, bag from Max Mara, shoes from Kathy van Zeeland, back-up shoes from Yosi Samra
Max Mara 
Kathy van Zeeland 
Yosi Samra 

He fetched me at home to meet my family, then to his place for me to meet his family and finally to the induction ball to meet and reunite with his brods.


back to Manila around 2am for my OB duty at 7am, boo!

The surprise on his brods' faces when they saw us is epic! I miss hanging out with them back when we were in college-chill at the "puno", drink at ICs or any of espa's house...

Addendum: pics from Paolo Gedalanga

and of course, I was picked for the game. Boo Rain! :p *luto*

3 girls and their dates

It was a fun and memorable night. :)
Thanks eSpa! Thanks R, headless no more. :D