Thursday, June 14, 2012


Whole day at the Pedia ER Triage with two more pretty girls AND
an AFTG dinner at Gumbo which makes me remember why I joined the best sorority ♥

my Pedia ER dutymates

black and white OR polka dots of Ela, Ces and Maj

hospital outfit for the day: top from Gap, uniform skirt, brooch gifted by Reinzi from H&M, Campana shoes from Melissa, bag from Dorothy Perkins, watch from DKNY, earrings gifted from J


When you wear more than ordinary clothes or accessories at the hospital and you get loads of and/or toxic patients, people will blame you! I hope we scrap that mentality. For me, we should blame those who look so haggard and those who smell like skunk after long hours of being on duty for attracting those bad cases, wahahaha! Okay okay!? I would usually get blamed for wear dangling earrings or a nice top or whatever just because! But sorry! No one is stopping me, haha! I firmly believe that nothing is wrong if you would like to look extra presentable in front of the patients. :)

On my article "A Passion for Fashion" Health and Lifestyle Magazine September 2011 link, I wrote "I believe that doctors need not look frumpy. These days, I see many doctors who dress well and strut the hospital halls confidently with stylish clothes under their medical coats". -I hope we stop blaming dangling earrings or pretty tops or nice shoes for toxic duties/patients, wahaha! It's prolly just passion. :)