Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rack me baby!

Aside from Q3 duties, the NICU rotation has half-day post duty status, woohoo! After my duty at the DRI, had lunch at Rack's Magallanes before heading home in Laguna. Papa's home, woohoo again! :)))



xoxo baby!

green top from Gap,vintage maxi skirt, customized Havaianas, watch from DKNY, sunglasses from Forever21, peacock monodangler from Flatterbuy
Papa said I have too much Havaianas so he bought me Ipanema from Brazil but bought my brother unique pairs of Havaianas!!! He said that there are no new designs of women's Havaianas, whuuttt!!! Ok, well, still, thanks Papa for my new flipflops! ♥ 

We had very late lunch so when I got home around 4pm, I slept right away. I was too full so I didn't have dinner but just woke up to freshen up before my masseuse arrived at 8pm. After the massage, I slept again until the next morning! Talk about oversleeping! ;)