Monday, December 30, 2013

Food trip pa!

After strolling in Powerplant, we went to the hotel for an afternoon nap.

our suite

For dinner, we walked from the hotel to Mitsuyado Sei-men: The House of Tsukemen in Jupiter Street. We wanted to try the infamous cheese tsukemen. Tsukemen means dipping noodles.

We love the interiors, we were transported to a Japanese street-food place. 

Asahi beer, Basil seed with honey juice (surprisingly good!), cold and hot tea

Seared gyoza (not fried), makes it like Xiao Long Bao

Double Cheese Tsukemen

Black Pepper chicken

We went back to the hotel but we realized that this will be our last date for the year so wanted to maximize it and not just spend the night sleeping. We strolled around the area until we ended up at Ayala Triangle where we can find dessert. We totally forgot about the lights and sounds show, the place was packed.

We claimed our free Golden Spoon yogurt, my fave yogurt brand. Every 8 orders, you get 1 free serving. :) I have 11 stickers so we got one free cup. :)

Salted caramel and Vanilla

I have to say our last date for the year is as amazing as all our dates the whole year. :) 
Thank you so much Honeypie for all the love and great memories! :) I'm sure 2014 has a lot in store for us. I love you so so so much!!!